Types of Research

Research is the process by which doctors and scientists test new ideas about ways to prevent, diagnose and treat different conditions and diseases. Advances in the medical sciences happen as a result of the dedicated efforts of both researchers and volunteer participants.
While the researchers in our program come from many fields, we are all share one common goal: to understand the various ways that stress can impact a person’s health and overall well-being.
Different types of studies accomplish this goal in different ways:

-Observational studies look at naturally occurring lifestyle factors and their relationship to different health conditions or diseases.
-Treatment studies look at new treatments or combinations of existing treatments and how they may help treat a specific disease or condition.
-Prevention studies look at how a disease can be prevented through medicine, exercise, diet, or other lifestyle changes.
-Diagnostic and screening studies look for better ways to diagnose diseases or identify people that may be at risk for developing the disease or condition.
Regardless of the types of study, all of the research in our program is preformed under the strict supervision of various review boards, ethics committees, and government agencies to ensure that it is done in the best interest of the public (public health) and with minimal risk to the volunteer participants.