Veterans Group Exercise

Free Mind-Body Group Fitness Classes

To Cope With The Stress Of War.


 About the study:

Clinicians and researchers at UCSF, The San Francisco VA has teamed up with fitness experts, active-duty service members and veterans to develop a new exercise protocol aimed at enhancing Veterans health via physical strengthening, training, and control. This new evidence-based program has been carefully tailored to match the training, culture, and experiences of veterans. 

The goal of this particular study is to better understand how aerobic training, physical strengthening, and controlled breathing (commonly referred to as Integrative Exercise) can be used to help veterans manage stress symptoms and sleep disturbances related to military deployment.


 Will I be compensated?

In return for your time and effort you will receive up to $460 dollars for completing all study procedures.



Participants must be Veterans between 18 and 64 years old and:

  • Must be physically able to participate in an exercise program
  • Must have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (you may qualify even if you have never been diagnosed):
    • You have difficulty falling and staying asleep
    • You have nightmares or unwanted memories of a traumatic experience
    • Unexpected noises make you jump
    • You avoid situations that remind you of a traumatic experience
    • You are tense, on-guard, irritable, or lose your cool over minor everyday things
    • Your feelings and relationships have changed for the worse since your traumatic event
  • Be otherwise mentally and physically healthy
  • Meet other eligibility criteria


How long will I be in the study?

All participants will be asked to be in the study for approximately 14 weeks.
This includes:

  • 12 weeks of free group exercise classes (60 minute classes/3 times per week)
  • A personal home sleep manager (Zeo) to monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • Optional MRI assessments
  • Other study assessments

 Getting started:

We will ask you some questions over the phone, and if you are a potential match for the study, we will invite you for an in-person meeting and evaluation.